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 +====== Configure iSCSI ======
 +<​note>​**Note:​** This feature is available only with the 5big Network 2.</​note>​
 +You can configure a 5big Network 2 share as an iSCSI target client, which allows you to mount a network share as a local share. You can then format this share in a non-network file system such as NTFS, HFS+, or FAT32.
 +The way this works is you can allocate a portion of the 5big Network 2's storage to **iSCSIShare**. Once you do this, iSCSIShare will be created automatically. To change the storage allocated to iSCSI:
 +  - Click the configuration icon in the iSCSIShare row.  \\ {{:​products:​d2-2big-5big-network2:​screenshots:​dashboard:​ss-db-drives-03.jpg?​500|}}
 +  - Drag the slider to change the amount of space allocated to iSCSIShare. After you click the slider, press the right and left arrow keys on your keyboard to fine tune. \\ {{:​products:​d2-2big-5big-network2:​screenshots:​dashboard:​ss-db-drives-05.jpg?​400|}}
 +  - Click the **Apply** button, then confirm in the popup window.
 +  - If you set iSCSIShare to be greater than 2TB, you will need to format the share using your operating system'​s disk management utility (Disk Utility for Mac and Disk Management for Windows).
 +  - Next, you need to install and configure an iSCSI client initiator from Microsoft (Windows users) or other third party vendor. Refer to the vendor'​s documentation for details. ​
 +The Dashboard offers several advanced parameters. Click the configuration icon and select **Advanced Settings**. In this window you can modify advanced parameters related to iSCSIShare.
 +After modifying the above values, click **APPLY**. ​
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