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Changing the LA-PRIVATE Password

Important info: You must create the LA-PRIVATE volume before attempting to change its password.

Follow the steps below to change the password to LA-PRIVATE.

  1. Insert the LaCie storage device into the compatible interface port on your computer.
  2. Click twice on the LACIE icon in My Computer/Computer (Windows) or on the desktop (Mac).
  3. LaCie Private-Public will recognize that you have created a LA-PRIVATE volume and prompt you for the password. (If you have not created LA-PRIVATE, the application will guide through the process. See the steps in Create the LA-PRIVATE Volume.)
  4. Click on the button Change Password.
  5. Enter your Current Password as well as the New Password. You must also complete the field Confirm Password with the new password.
  6. Check the Display Password boxes to see the characters as they are typed.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Your password has been changed.
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