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Delete Arrays and Virtual Disks

Important info: Deleting a virtual disk permanently removes all of its data.

Delete the virtual disk before deleting the array.

Data security

It is highly recommended that you back up all data on a virtual disk before deleting it.

Any loss, corruption, or destruction of data while using a LaCie hard drive or a LaCie hard drive system is the sole responsibility of the user, and under no circumstances will LaCie be held liable for the recovery or restoration of this data. To help prevent the loss of your data, LaCie highly recommends that you keep TWO copies of your data: one copy on your LaCie storage device; and, a second copy on one of the following:

  • Direct-attached storage (DAS)
  • A NAS
  • Some form of removable storage or archival media

Important Info: 1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes. 1TB = 1,000,000,000,000 bytes. Once formatted, the actual available storage capacity varies depending upon the operating environment (typically 10-15% less).


Deleting a virtual disk

  1. Select the virtual disk in the Storage pane and roll over the Operation tab.

  2. Choose Delete VD.
  3. The first of three warnings appears. If you want to delete the virtual disk, choose OK.

  4. The second of three warnings appears. Choose OK.

  5. The Third of three warnings appears. Choose OK.


Deleting an array

  1. Select the array in the Storage pane and roll over the Operation tab.

  2. Choose Delete Array.
  3. A warning appears asking you to confirm that you want to delete the array. Choose OK.

  4. Freeing the hard drives from the array also removes the formatting. The operating system asks how to treat the hard drives in a series of popup windows. Choose Ignore for each hard drive.
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