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 +====== Introduction ======
 +{{ :​products:​rugged-mini:​rugged-mini-usb3.jpg?​150|}}Welcome to the User Manual for the Rugged Mini. The most portable of LaCie'​s field-tested mobile hard drive range, the Rugged Mini is also enhanced with cutting edge SuperSpeed USB 3.0 for lightning-fast transfer speeds. While its casing may be small and lightweight for easy travel, it still withstands bumps and drops of up to 1.2 meters. No matter where you take it, plug the Rugged Mini into a USB 3.0 port to transfer data with the fastest speeds on the market.
 +These pages will guide you through the process of connecting your LaCie product and will explain its features. If this manual doesn'​t answer your questions or if you are having trouble, consult the [[help|]] page.
 +===== Box Content =====
 +Your box contains the following:
 +  * LaCie Rugged Mini hard disk
 +  * USB 3.0 cable (USB 2.0 and 1.1 compatible)
 +  * Quick Install Guide (printed on packaging)
 +<​note>​**Note:​** A PDF of this User Manual and software utilities are pre-loaded on the drive.</​note>​
 +<note important>​**Important info:** Please save your packaging. In the event that the drive should need to be repaired or serviced, it must be returned in its original packaging.</​note>​
 +<​note>​**Note:​** For optimal performance,​ the drive must be connected to a USB 3.0 host port. Many laptops or desktop computers do not feature USB 3.0 ports. You can purchase a USB 3.0 PCI Express Card (for desktop computers) or a USB 3.0 ExpressCard 34 (for laptops) that will permit the maximum transfer speeds for which your LaCie USB 3.0 hard drive is capable. </​note>​
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