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 +====== Cables and Connectors ======
 +==== Integrated cable ====
 +For ease of access, the Thunderbolt cable is integrated on your LaCie Rugged. Remove the interface cover and gently unwind the Thunderolt cable before attaching it to your PC or Mac. 
 +Holding, dangling, or transporting the Rugged Thunderbolt by its integrated cable is strongly discouraged. Doing so can invalidate the product warranty.
 +==== Thunderbolt technology and Windows ====
 +Windows users must connect the product via USB and install drivers before using the Thunderbolt cable. See [[connection|]] for details.
 +<​note>​**Note on USB 3.0:** Your PC or Mac must have a USB 3.0 port to take advantage of USB 3.0 transfer rates.</​note>​
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