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Getting Help

If you are having problems with your LaCie product, consult the table below for a list of available resources.

Order Source Description Location
1 Quick Install Guide Concise steps to follow for getting your product up and running Either a printed leaflet or accessory box and included in the product box, or download PDF from the product page
2 Support Pages Includes interactive troubleshooting topics for most common problems, select your product, then click the “Troubleshooting” tab
3 User Manual Includes common troubleshooting topics See Troubleshooting Topics below
4 Customer Support Create an account on, register your product, and fill out a support ticket Create an account here:

Note: LaCie is dedicated to providing high quality products that enrich the lives of our customers. To help LaCie offer the best customer support, we encourage you to create an account and register your product at logout&rtn=mystuff. You can give us important feedback as well as receive updated information on your LaCie device.

Software Updates

LaCie frequently releases firmware updates to improve the functionality of products. Check for recent updates to firmware and to Seagate Network Assistant to ensure optimum product performance. See Settings for information on firmware updates. Visit LaCie 5big NAS Pro support or LaCie 2big NAS support for updates to products and software.


Note on this user manual and NAS OS instructions

This user manual provides provides details on your LaCie NAS’s hardware. For instructions on how to use NAS OS 4, see the Seagate NAS OS 4 user manual.

LaCie NAS OS 4 and Seagate NAS OS 4 are similar operating systems with close to identical operations. However, the App Manager has limited funtionality for LaCie NAS OS devices. While Seagate NAS OS devices can download the full range of apps, LaCie NAS OS devices only have access to Filebrowser and Sdrive.

Troubleshooting topics

Note: Interactive troubleshooting, a highly effective way to resolve problems with your product, is available from Select your product, then click the “Troubleshooting” tab.

Troubleshooting the network connection

No shares appear on the network.

Q: Is the NAS's power supply connected and is the front blue light on?

Q: Is the blue light on the front of the device flickering for an inordinate period of time?

Q: Did you follow the correct installation steps?

Q: Are both ends of the Ethernet cable firmly connected?

Q: IP address problem?

Q: How can I find the public IP address for advanced features such as offsite backups and remote FTP access?

I think that the hard disk is making unusual noises.

Q: Is the sound "soft clicking" or "hard clicking"?

The VGA monitor that I connected to the LaCie 5big NAS Pro appears to be receiving a signal but the screen is black.

Q: How long has the VGA monitor been connected to the NAS?

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