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Get Connected

Please follow the setup steps in the order they are given to ensure that your LaCie 5big's volumes mount correctly on your computer.

STEP 1 - Install Disks

If your LaCie 5big shipped without disks, first install your own hard disks before continuing with these steps. Refer to Install Disks for details.

STEP 2 - Connect the Thunderbolt Cable

Connect the Thunderbolt cable from the LaCie 5big to the computer.

STEP 3 - Connect the Power Cable

Connect the power supply to a wall outlet and to the LaCie 5big.


STEP 4 - Turn on the Product

Turn on the product using the power switch.

If your LaCie 5big shipped with disks, a single RAID 0 volume will mount on the desktop. If it shipped without disks, since no RAID array has exists, a volume for each installed disk will mount on the Desktop. If nothing mounts, check Getting Help.

For details on changing or setting up a RAID array, refer to About RAID.

Unmounting the Volumes

In order to avoid file system corruption, it's important to unmount your volumes before turning off the product or disconnecting the Thunderbolt cable. See Unmount Volume(s) for details.

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