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3. The Discover Page

The Discover page provides quick access to important links for your LaCie CloudBox as well as helpful tips on how to get started. You can access the Discover page at any time by double clicking the CLOUDBOX-HELP file on your LaCie CloudBox:

  • Windows: Computer/Network > LaCie-CloudBox > Family > CloudBox-Help
  • Mac: Devices > LaCie-CloudBox > Family > Cloudbox-Help


  • Discover your CloudBox: Click once to launch the LaCie CloudBox Tutorials. Use the tutorials to learn more about the LaCie CloudBox, especially the features that are most important to your household. You can return to the tutorials whenever questions arise as you continue to use the device. To read complementary details for each tutorial, please see 4. Learn How to Use Your LaCie CloudBox - Tutorials.
  • User Manual: Click once on User Manual for easy access to this manual.
  • Installation Help: Click once on the Installation Help button to receive online instructions on how to connect to your LaCie CloudBox.
  • Register Warranty: Click once to register your LaCie CloudBox with LaCie. Registering your device will activate the warranty and help you receive customer support should you encounter an issue with your device.


Launch the Discover page

For further instructions on accessing the Discover page, please select your operating system. For direct access, go to

Windows XP

Windows Vista/7

Windows 8


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