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5. Manage Your LaCie CloudBox with the Dashboard

The Dashboard is the management tool for your LaCie CloudBox. In addition to simple management tasks such as changing the device name and setting the time zone, the Dashboard can help you:

  • Optimize energy conservation
  • Automate torrent file downloads
  • Adjust network settings for remote access
  • Configure offsite backups to another LaCie CloudBox or LaCie network drive

Do I need to use the LaCie CloudBox Dashboard?

Unlike many network attached storage (NAS), it is not mandatory to run a device management tool for your LaCie CloudBox. Essential applications such as centralizing data and sharing files are available as soon as the LaCie CloudBox is connected. Of course, LaCie encourages users who wish to learn more about their LaCie CloudBox to check out the Dashboard.

Who manages the LaCie CloudBox?

Since the Dashboard is a management tool, the administrator of your LaCie CloudBox is the only person who can adjust its settings. The administrator is the first person to log on to the CloudBox Dashboard (see Log on to the Dashboard).

Where is the Dashboard?

The Dashboard is a web-based tool that works with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

LaCie CloudBox Dashboard Pages

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