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LED Power Button

Your LaCie hard drive features a multi-functional LED on the front of the drive.

LED states

LED Behavior State
Off The product is turned off; the USB cable is not connected to a computer that is turned on and/or the power cable is not connected to a live power outlet.
30s off, flash blue, 30s off, etc. The product is in power-saving mode due to one of the following: its volumes have been unmounted on the host computer; the host computer placed it into sleep mode; or, the host computer is in sleep mode. See Technical info below.
Solid blue The product is turned on and the hard drive is ready for access.
Flickering During normal operation, the LED flickers to indicate access to the hard drive.

Technical note regarding power-saving mode and Windows: The LaCie d2 can be placed into power-saving mode on PC’s running Windows 8 or higher. However, it is possible that the LED will remain off rather than flash blue every 30 seconds.

Receiving power

The LaCie d2 powers on automatically when it is:

  • Connected directly to a computer via the Thunderbolt 2 or USB ports. The computer must be powered on.
  • Connected to a live power source via the included power supply.

Important info regarding the ports: The LaCie d2 can be connected to a computer using the USB 3.0 port or the Thunderbolt 2 port. However, it is not possible to connect both ports to a single computer at the same time or, to connect each port to separate computers.

Note on the USB 3.0 connection: The LaCie d2 can be connected to a USB 2.0 port on your computer. To take advantage of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 transfer rates, you must connect the enclosure to a computer with a USB 3.0 port.


LED button

The LED is a button that can be used to power off/on the LaCie d2.

Power off

Follow the steps below to turn the device off:

  1. Make certain that the LaCie d2’s volumes are not being accessed.
  2. Eject the LaCie d2’s volumes. See Unmounting Your Hard Drive for instructions. Once the volumes have been properly ejected, the LaCie d2 enters power-saving mode.
  3. Apply a long press, a minimum of four seconds, to the LED button. The LED turns solid blue before turning off.

Power on

In most instances, the LaCie d2 powers on automatically when connected to a computer and an active power source. However, the LED button can be used to power on the device if the following two conditions are met:

  • The LaCie d2 was powered off using a long press
  • The LaCie d2 remains connected to the computer’s USB port and an active power source

To power on the LaCie d2, push the LED button for one second.

Power-saving mode (Thunderbolt 2 connection only)

Your LaCie d2 can conserve energy by entering power-saving mode. The hard drive within the enclosure spins down to reduce power consumption when the LaCie d2 is in power-saving mode. Power-saving mode can extend the life of the hard drive by sparing it from working during extended periods of inactivity. The LaCie d2 can be placed into power-saving mode using the LED button when it is connected via the Thunderbolt 2 port. To place the LaCie d2 into power-saving mode:

  1. Make certain that the LaCie d2’s volumes are not being accessed.
  2. Eject the volumes (see Unmounting Your Hard Drive).
  3. Apply a short press to the LED button. A short press lasts no longer than 1 second.

To wake up the LaCie d2, apply another short press.

Power-saving mode: daisy chain

You can daisy chain Thunderbolt 2 technology and first generation Thunderbolt technology devices when the LaCie d2 is in power-saving mode. Though the hard drive spins down when the LaCie d2 enters power-saving mode, the Thunderbolt 2 signal remains constant. Therefore, daisy-chained devices continue data operations without interruption. See Daisy Chain (Thunderbolt 2) for further details.


Power-saving mode: managed by the PC/Mac

You can initiate power-saving mode on your computer by performing one of the following:

  • Place the host computer into sleep mode.
  • Mac: Go to System Preferences > Energy Saver to enable sleep mode for hard drives.
  • Windows 8: Go to Control Panel > Hardware > Power Options > Choose a power plan > Change advanced power settings. Click on Hard disk and Turn off the hard disk after. Choose the time to spin down USB hard drives.

To exit power-saving mode, review the table below:

Entering power-saving mode Exiting power-saving mode
The host computer placed the product into power-saving mode due to inactivity. Access the LaCie d2’s volume on the host computer. For example, copy files to its volume.
The computer is in sleep mode. Wake up the computer.

Note on ejecting the volume and power-saving mode: The LaCie d2 enters power-saving mode when its volumes are ejected. To access the LaCie d2’s volumes, unplug the USB cable from the back of the device and reconnect it.

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