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1.c Computer/Hardware Requirements and Recommendations

Minimum System Requirements

To make certain that the computers in your home can connect to the LaCie CloudBox, please review the minimum system requirements below.

  • Latest version of Windows® XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Mac® OS X 10.5 / Linux 2.6
  • Ethernet switch or router 10/100/1Gb
  • Internet access: Internet Explorer™ 7.0, Firefox™ 3.0, Safari™ 3.0, or Chrome 2.0

LaCie recommends the hardware and operating systems below to help improve your experience with the LaCie CloudBox.

  • Broadband or faster internet connectivity
  • Wi-Fi enabled switch or router that supports Gigabit Ethernet
  • Latest version of Windows 7, Windows 8 / Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8
  • Internet access: Internet Explorer™ 8.0 or higher, Firefox™ 15.0 or higher, and Safari™ 5.0 or higher

Important info: Your LaCie product's performance can be affected by such external forces as network activity, hardware, distance, and setup.

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