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Your LaCie Fuel Storage Device

After you have set up your LaCie Fuel, you can change the settings or restore the original factory settings.

Charging the LaCie Fuel

Your LaCie Fuel’s battery is pre-charged from the factory and can run for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. You may want to charge the LaCie Fuel before other devices connect to it and access videos, photos, and music. For more information on charging, see Charging the Battery.

Restarting the LaCie Fuel

If you experience minor problems with your LaCie Fuel, try restarting it. See LaCie Media App user manual for instructions on how to restart the LaCie Fuel.

When it is fully powered on and broadcasting wirelessly, the LaCie Fuel appears in the list of wireless networks on your device. You must reconnect to your LaCie Fuel device (see Connecting Your Device).

Note: Restarting your LaCie Fuel device does not remove any user settings or delete content from the device.


Power off the LaCie Fuel

To turn off your LaCie Fuel, press the Power button on the device, or shut down the device from the LaCie Media app. The LaCie Fuel stops broadcasting wirelessly when it is off.

Restoring LaCie Fuel to its original factory settings

When you restore the LaCie Fuel to its original factory settings, all the files stored on your LaCie Fuel are retained. While your files and folders are kept on the device, all other settings, such as the the device name and password, are removed. A good reason to reset your LaCie Fuel can be forgetting a password. You can restore your device using:

  • LaCie Media (see LaCie Media App user manual for instructions)
  • The factory reset button next to the USB 3.0 port on the side of the device. Use the end of a fine point (for example, a paper clip) to press and release this button to reset your LaCie Fuel to its original factory settings.

Changing the LaCie Fuel's name

The LaCie Fuel device is named LaCie Fuel xxxx, where xxxx is the unique identifier for your device. This appears in the wireless network list, also known as the SSID (Service Set Identifier). You can change the name using LaCie Media.

You must reconnect to your LaCie Fuel device after the name has been changed (see Connecting Your Device).


Setting a password

You might want to set a password if you’re in an environment where you don’t want others to connect to your LaCie Fuel. Setting a password turns WPA security on, which protects your wireless transmissions. See the LaCie Media App user manual for instructions.

Changing the LaCie Media app language

The LaCie Media app supports different languages. You can change the language of the app. Changing the language of the app does not affect the language of the media device that you are using. See the LaCie Media App user manual for instructions.

Deleting content from your LaCie Fuel

To delete content, connect your LaCie Fuel to your computer using the provided USB 3.0 cable. Open the LaCie Fuel and select the content to delete. When you are finished deleting media, make certain to safely eject the LaCie Fuel from your computer (see Eject the hard drive).

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