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LaCie Private-Public allows you to create a password-protected volume called LA-PRIVATE. Once created, LA-PRIVATE will use AES 256 encryption to keep your most important files safe. If you do not have LaCie Private-Public, please DOWNLOAD the installer from our website.

Before continuing with the configuration, please read the following notes:

  • The instructions listed here apply to all LaCie storage devices, including hard drives and USB Keys.
  • If you DOWNLOAD LaCie Private-Public from LaCie's website, YOU MUST COPY THE FOLDER TO YOUR LACIE STORAGE DEVICE before configuring the encrypted volume. Running the application from My Computer/Computer or the Mac desktop will create an encrypted volume on your internal hard drive.
  • The name of your partition may not be the same as listed here. These directions assume LaCie Setup Assistant has created a partition named LACIE. While certain USB Keys and formatting utilities will present alternative names, there is no impact on the use of LaCie Private-Public.
  • Transfer speeds may be slower with encrypted volumes. For optimal performance, please consider creating LA-PRIVATE volumes no greater than 50GB.
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