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LaCie Desktop Manager

LaCie Desktop Manager is a software utility that provides important information regarding the status and health of your device.

Installing LaCie Desktop Manager

If LaCie Desktop Manager is not installed on your computer (check your Windows system tray or Mac menu bar), you can install it:

  1. Double click the Rugged RAID’s volume in Computer (Windows) or on the Desktop (Mac).
  2. Open the LaCie/Software folder.
  3. Launch the installer located in the folder for your operating system.

When setup is complete, launch LaCie Desktop Manager from the system tray (Windows) or the menu bar (Mac).

Windows Mac

LaCie Desktop Manager provides a list of all compatible LaCie devices in the left-hand column. If you have more than one compatible LaCie device, choose a product and use the tabs to navigate to the page you want. Options can vary based upon the product.


Info tab

Review the details of your device:

  • Name
  • Model
  • Hard drive ID
  • Connection type
  • Total capacity
  • Available capacity


From the Info tab, you can reformat the hard drives.

Caution: Choosing Reformat launches your operating system's disk utility (see Optional Formatting and Partitioning for details). Formatting erases all data stored on your hard drives. To protect files, back up your hard drives before selecting Reformat.


Status tab

Review the health of the:

  • Hardware
  • RAID configuration

You can also enable alerts to receive status updates.

Important info: Activating alerts may affect the transfer rates of your device. For optimal transfer rates, disable alerts.


Email tab

You can enter up to five email addresses to receive messages regarding changes to the status of your LaCie device. You can also enter an email subject line.

Check the boxes to select the events that trigger email alerts.

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