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LED and Power

LED states

Activity LED

The Activity LED provides indications on the state of the Rugged RAID’s health:

Behavior State
Solid white The device is ready.
Blinking white The device is being accessed.
Blinking red One or two drives are not ready or have failed.
Off The product is: turned off; in power saving mode; not receiving power; experiencing system failure; or, experiencing electronic board failure.

Contact LaCie technical support if:

  • The LED remains off but the device is connected to a power supply and to your computer. Confirm that the Rugged RAID is not in sleep mode before contacting LaCie technical support.
  • The LED continues to blink red. One or both of your hard drives may have failed. Do not swap one or both hard drives onsite or in the field. Doing so will void the LaCie Rugged RAID’s warranty.

Technical info on LED color: The Activity LED can appear orange due to the sleeve’s color.



Use a thin, pointed object to push the RAID select and RAID confirm buttons. For example, use the pointed end of a paperclip to access and push the buttons.

See Manage RAID for instructions on how to check or change the RAID level.

Action Behavior State
Push once on the RAID select button Solid white The device is set to RAID 0.
Push once on the RAID select button Blinking white The device is set to RAID 1.
Push twice on the RAID select button Solid white The device will be changed to RAID 0.
Push twice on the RAID select button Blinking white The device will be changed to RAID 1.

Receiving power

Thunderbolt connection

The LaCie Rugged RAID powers on automatically when it is connected to a computer that supports Thunderbolt technology. Use the embedded Thunderbolt technology cable when connecting the Rugged RAID to a computer.

USB 3.0

The power cable must be connected to an active outlet when using the Rugged RAID’s USB 3.0 port.

Note on the USB 3.0 connection: The Rugged RAID can be connected to a USB 2.0 port on your computer. To take advantage of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 transfer rates, you must connect the Rugged RAID to a computer with a USB 3.0 port.


Power-saving mode

Your LaCie Rugged RAID can conserve energy by entering power-saving mode. Managed by your computer, power-saving mode can extend the life of the hard drives by sparing them from working during extended periods of inactivity.

Operating system

You can initiate power-saving mode on your computer by performing one of the following:

  • Place the host computer into sleep mode.
  • Mac OS: Go to System Preferences > Energy Saver to enable sleep mode for hard drives.
  • Windows 8: Go to Control Panel > Hardware > Power Options > Choose a power plan > Change advanced power settings. Click on Hard disk and Turn off the hard disk after. Choose the time to spin down USB hard drives.

To exit power-saving mode, review the table below:

Entering power-saving mode Exiting power-saving mode
The host computer placed the product into power-saving mode due to inactivity. Access the Rugged RAID’s volume on the host computer. For example, copy files to its volume.
The computer is in sleep mode. Wake up the computer.

Note on ejecting the volume and power-saving mode: The Rugged RAID enters power-saving mode when its volumes are ejected and the device remains connected to the computer. To access the Rugged RAID’s volumes, unplug the interface cable from the computer and reconnect it.

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