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Getting Help

If you are having problems with your LaCie product, consult the table below for a list of available resources.

Order Source Description Location
1 Quick Install Guide Concise steps to follow for getting your product up and running Either a printed leaflet or accessory box and included in the product box, or download PDF from the product page
2 Support Pages Includes interactive troubleshooting topics for most common problems, select your product, then click the “Troubleshooting” tab
3 User Manual Includes common troubleshooting topics See Troubleshooting Topics below
4 Customer Support Create an account on, register your product, and fill out a support ticket Create an account here:

Note: LaCie is dedicated to providing high quality products that enrich the lives of our customers. To help LaCie offer the best customer support, we encourage you to create an account and register your product at logout&rtn=mystuff. You can give us important feedback as well as receive updated information on your LaCie device.


Troubleshooting Topics

Note: Interactive troubleshooting, a highly effective way to resolve problems with your product, is available from Select your product, then click the “Troubleshooting” tab.

All Users

Problem: The front and two drive LEDs are solid red.

A: RAID failure has resulted from one/two disk(s) failure (RAID 0/FAST) or two disk failure (RAID 1/SAFE). Data has most likely been lost. Contact LaCie technical support to replace the failed drives.

Problem: The front LED is blinking blue/red and one of the rear LEDs is solid red.

A: Your 2big is in RAID 1 (SAFE) and one of the drives has failed. Data loss has not occurred. Contact LaCie technical support to replace the failed drive.

Problem: The front LED is solid red and the rear LEDs are solid or flickering blue.

Q: Is the cooling fan functioning?

Q: Is the ambient temperature too high?

Problem: The front LED is static red and the rear LEDs are off.

A: The product was overheating and has automatically turned off to protect your data. Make sure the fan is functioning (see above) and that the room temperature is not too high before restarting your product (turn it off and then on).

Problem: My file transfers are too slow.

Q: USB 3.0 connection: Is the drive connected via a USB 3.0 to a USB 2.0 port on your computer or hub?

Q: USB 3.0 connection: Have you installed USB 3.0 drivers on your computer?

Q: USB 3.0 connection: Does your computer or operating system support SuperSpeed USB 3.0?

Q: Is your computer's internal hard drive limiting transfer speeds?

Problem: I'm receiving file transfer error messages and/or Time Machine does not work.

Q: Did you get an "Error -50" message while copying to the storage?

Problem: I got an error message telling me that the drive has been disconnected

Q: Did it happen when the computer was coming out of sleep mode?

Problem: The displayed available capacity doesn't seem right.

Q: I just moved a lot of files into the Trash/Recycle Bin from my product. Why isn't this reflected in the displayed available space?

Q: Why is the volume capacity less than advertised on my storage?

Mac Users

Problem: The drive isn't appearing on my computer.

Q: Is your Finder configured not to show hard drives on the desktop?

Q: Did you follow the correct installation steps?

Windows Users

Problem: The drive isn't appearing on my computer.

Q: Are both ends of the USB 3.0 cable securely attached?

Q: Is the power supply connected?

Q: Is the drive listed in Device Manager?

Q: Does your disk not appear at all?

Q: Is your drive listed next to an unusual icon?

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