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LaCie Desktop Manager

LaCie Desktop Manager unlocks the full potential of your LaCie product. It will allow you to check the status of your device, set up email alerts, create an action when you click the front blue button (shortcut button), and configure power-saving.

Note: LaCie Desktop Manager is not compatible with all LaCie devices. Only compatible LaCie devices will appear in LaCie Desktop Manager.

Installing LaCie Desktop Manager

LaCie Desktop Manager software installer is located on the CD that shipped with your product. Launch the installer for your operating system, then follow the installation wizard to completion.

When setup has completed, launch the LaCie Desktop Manager from the System tray (Windows) or the Menu bar (Mac).

Windows Mac

When you run LaCie Desktop Manager, you will see that all compatible connected LaCie devices will appear in the left-hand column. Choose the product you wish to manage, then use the tabs to navigate to the page you want.


Info Tab

On this page you will see advanced information on your drive, such as device name, the internal hard disk serial number (not the LaCie product serial number), available capacity, connection type, etc.


From the Info tab, you can reformat the disks.

Caution: If you click the Reformat… button and follow these steps, everything will be erased from the hard drive. If you have information that you want to protect or continue to use, back up this information before performing these steps.


Shortcut Tab

The front blue LED is also a button that allows you to perform a variety of tasks. A long click (press and hold for several seconds) will put the product to sleep (Eco mode). When the product is in Eco mode, a short click (press and immediately release the button) will wake it.

Using LaCie Desktop Manager, you can configure a short click to trigger a task (when the product is not in Eco mode). Instantly back up your work, open a family budget spreadsheet, or launch your most commonly used applications. Click the Shortcut tab to start. Then, drag an application or document to be launched onto the gray Button click rectangle, or click the Change button and select the file or application from the menu.

Important info: Activating the shortcut button may affect the transfer rates of your device. For optimal transfer rates, disable the shortcut button.


Eco Tab

From this page, you can manage your product's energy usage, and turn off the front LED. Note that if an alert is triggered, the front LED will blink red, even if you have turned off the LED from this page.

Energy Management – Mac Users

Based upon your LaCie product, Eco Mode may be managed by Mac OS X. If prompted, please click on Energy Saver Settings to enter the System Preferences. Select “Put the hard disk(s) to sleep when possible” to conserve energy.


Energy Management – Windows Users

By default, your drive will enter Eco Mode after 5 minutes of inactivity in order to conserve energy. To exit Eco Mode, simply access data and the disks will automatically restart, or click the product's front button.

Unclick the Automatic Eco Mode due to Inactivity box to turn off Eco Mode, or select a period of inactivity after which the disks will enter Eco Mode.


Alerts Tab

Enable alerts to receive a message via the LaCie Desktop Manager about changes to the status of your LaCie device.

Important info: Activating alerts may affect the transfer rates of your device. For optimal transfer rates, disable alerts.


Emails Tab

If you wish to be warned by email of any change in the status of your LaCie device, enter email addresses here (up to five). You can also enter an email subject line.

Next, select the type of event for which you would like to receive emails.

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