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LED Information

Your LaCie product features a multi-functional LED on the front, as well as two drive status LEDs on the rear. See Views of the Product for LED locations.

LED States

If the front LED is: Off Solid blue
Blinking blue
Blinking blue/red
Blinking blue
(30s off, 5s on)
Solid red
And the rear LED is: Off Solid blue
Flickering blue
Blinking blue
1 drive solid red

1 drive solid blue
Solid blue

Or blinking blue
Off Solid red
Then: The product is turned off or computer is in sleep mode. The product is working properly. Rear LEDs flicker blue to indicate drive access. RAID rebuilding in progress. Single drive failure (RAID 1/SAFE). Temperature alert. Refer to Getting Help for details. Eco mode. RAID 0/FAST: RAID failure due to one or both drive failure. RAID 1/SAFE: RAID failure due to both drive failure. Automatic shutdown due to excessive heat. Refer to Getting Help for details.
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