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Inserting a disc

To read from or write to a disc:

  1. Push the Open/Close button.
  2. Place the BD, DVD, or CD onto the tray with the label side facing up. Make sure the BD, DVD, or CD is correctly placed in the center of the disc tray.
  3. Push the tray gently until it is fully closed within the device.

Using the device

Please keep the following in mind when using the LaCie Slim Blu-ray USB 3.0:

  • The power must be on to open the tray. It should be connected to a computer that is on and is capable of providing power to the device.
  • Do not attempt to force the door open as it may damage the drive.
  • Always remove discs before transporting the drive. Keeping the disc in the drive may damage its data.
  • Do not transport the drive with the tray open. Doing so may damage the drive and will void your warranty.
  • Never move the drive while it is in operation.
  • This drive is not compatible with cartridges.

Accessing Discs

The BD, DVD, or CD volume will appear in Computer/My Computer. Click on the icon to access the contents of the disc.

Ejecting Discs

Please make certain that the disc is not being accessed before ejecting the disc.

  1. Press the Open/Close button on the front of the drive.
  2. Once the drive tray is open, remove the DVD, BD, or CD.
  3. Push the tray gently until it is fully closed within the device.


Emergency Disc Ejection

Important info: Only use this method when the Open/Close button is not working.

Caution: Make sure the Slim Blu-ray USB 3.0 is off and the power unplugged (if applicable) before attempting the emergency ejection procedure.

In the event that a BD, DVD, or CD cannot be ejected with the Open/Close button and software is not controlling the drive, use the emergency eject to open the disc tray.

  1. Unplug the interface cable(s).
  2. Locate the emergency eject hole on the front of the device.
  3. Insert a small metal poker, such as the end of a paper clip, into the emergency eject hole until it presses against the manual eject mechanism. You will feel the mechanism eject the disc tray.
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