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Light and compact, the LaCie Slim Blu-ray USB 3.0 is ideal for playing and burning discs no matter where you go. Blu-ray discs (BD) can reach up to 50GB, allowing you to playback full high definition (HD) films* on your computer. Further, such large storage capacity gives you extraordinary flexibility to burn high-end content and back up all your important files. Since the LaCie Slim Blu-ray USB 3.0 supports legacy formats, you also have the option to read from and write to DVD and CD.

This User Manual will guide you through the process of connecting your LaCie product and explain its features. If you have questions, please consult the Help page.

*A two hour HD movie uses an average of 23.3GB.

Box Content

Your box contains the following:

  • LaCie Slim Blu-ray USB 3.0
  • USB 3.0 Y cable (USB 2.0 compatible)
  • Quick Install Guide (printed on accessory box)

Important info: Please save your packaging. In the event that the optical drive should need to be repaired or serviced, it must be returned in its original packaging.

Minimum System Requirements

Your system must meet certain requirements in order for your LaCie product to function properly. For a list of these requirements, please refer to the product packaging or consult the product support web page at


Views of the Drive

Front View

  1. Media Tray
  2. Drive Activity LED
  3. Open/Close Button
  4. Emergency Eject Hold


Rear View

  1. Power supply connection (cable not included)
  2. USB 3.0 port

Technical note: You may attach an optional external power supply to the power supply connector.

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