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Technical Specifications


Component inches millimeters
Height (enclosure, overall) 3.46 87.9
Width across mounting flange 19.01 483
Width across body of enclosure 17.44 443
Depth from front mounting flange to extremity of enclosure body 22.71 576.8
Depth from Ops Panel to furthest extremity of enclosure 24.79 629.6
Depth from front mounting flange to furthest extremity of enclosure 23.74 602.9


Component Weight (kg) Weight (lb.)
Enclosure (empty) 4.8 10.56
Drive Carrier 0.9 1.98
Dummy Drive Carrier 0.05 0.11
PCM 2.7 5.94
I/O Module 1.5 3.3
Blank I/O Module 0.5 1.1
Enclosure (Fully Populated)
Total Weight (maximum)
26 57.2


Table A–1: Ambient Temperature and Humidity

Temperature Range Relative Humidity Max. Wet Bulb
Operational 5°C to 40°C 8% to 80% non-condensing 23°C
Non-Operational 1°C to +50°C 8% to 80% non-condensing 27°C
Storage 1°C to +60°C 5% to 80% non-condensing 29°C
Shipping -40°C to +60°C 5% to 100% non-precipitating 29°C
Airflow System must be operated with low pressure rear exhaust installation (Back pressure created by rack doors and obstacles not to exceed 5 pascals [0.5mm Water gauge])
Altitude, Operational 0 to 3045 m (0 to 10,000ft)
Altitude, Non-Operational -305 to 12,192m (-1000 to 40,000ft)
Shock, Operational Vertical axis 5g peak 1/2 sine, 10ms
Shock, Non-Operational 20g 10ms 1/2 sine (test w drives)
30g 10ms 1/2 sine (test w/o drives)
Vibration, Operational 0.21grms 5-500 Hz Random
Vibration, Non-Operational 0.8grms 2-200 Hz Random (test w drives)
1.04grms 2-200 Hz Random (test w/o drives)
Vibration, Relocation 0.15g 2-200 Hz sine (test w drives)
0.3g 2-200 Hz sine (test w/o drives)
Acoustics Sound Power
• SATA Drives: Less than 6.8 B Lwa - idle @ 20°C ambient
• SAS Drives: TBD
Orientation & Mounting
• Rack Rails
• Rack Characteristics
19” Rack mount (2EIA Units)
To fit 800mm depth racks compliant with the SSI Server Rack Specification
Back pressure not exceeding 5 pascals (0.5mm water gauge)

Power Cooling Module (2 x 580W)

Dimensions 84.3mm High x 104.5mm wide x 340.8mm Long (3.32in x 4.11in x 37.03in)
Maximum Output Power 580 W
Voltage Range 100 - 240 VAC Rated
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Voltage Range Selection Auto Ranging: 90 - 264 VAC, 47/63Hz
Maximum Inrush Current 20A
Power Factor Correction ≥95% @ nominal input voltage
Harmonics Meets EN61000-3-2
Output +5 V @: 42A, +12 V:@ 36A, +5 V standby voltage @ 2 A
Operating Temperature 0° to 57°C
Hot Pluggable
Switches & LEDs AC Mains Switch and four status indicator LEDs
Enclosure Cooling Dual axial cooling fans with variable fan speed control


Drive Carrier Module

Important info: Disk drives must be UL approved. Operating the LaCie 12big Rack Serial 2 with non-approved drives may invalidate the warranty.

Drive Carrier

Module Dimensions Height 26.6 mm Width 106.5 mm Depth 220.2 mm
Weight 0.8 kg (1.0” 300Gb drive)
Operating Temperature 5° C to 35° C
Power Dissipation 18 Watts maximum


  • 3.0Gb/s direct dock SAS (up to 15000 rpm)
  • 3.0Gb/s dual path SATA (up to 7200 rpm) via Active/Active SATA Transition Card

I/O Modules

Please refer to the SBB I/O Module Installation Guide (P/N xxxxx-01) for technical details of available I/O Modules.

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