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Hard Disk Heat Management

Heat dissipation design - 2big NAS

The LaCie 2big NAS Pro's metal body is ideal for naturally dissipating internal drive heat. Its unique design draws heat away from the internal drive toward the external casing. The large surface area of the heat sink casing absorbs internal heat and dissipates it, keeping the drive safe and prolonging its life and reliability.

As a consequence, it is normal that the external casing is warm to the touch. Make sure that the vent on the back bezel is not obstructed and that there is a natural airflow across the casing.

Upright, stack & rackmount configuration

Heat dissipation is maximized when this LaCie product is in the upright position. When stacking the LaCie 2big NAS, you must attach rubber feet (if included) on the under side of your drives. This will allow for airflow between the enclosures so that the heat dissipation can work effectively. LaCie does not recommend stacking or racking more than two LaCie 2big NAS enclosures on top of each other.


Dual cooling - 5big NAS Pro

With its dual cooling design, the LaCie 5big NAS Pro's is built to protect against overheating. The 5big's solid aluminum casing diverts and dissipates heat, keeping the drives cooler even after extended periods of activity. Within the casing, a whisper-quiet, thermo-regulated Noctua® fan automatically adapts its speed to the internal temperature. As a result, the fan cools the components, which is vital for long-term use.

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