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5big NAS Pro: About RAID Modes

Refer to the table below for an overview of the RAID modes available to the LaCie 5big NAS Pro. Note that the levels of performance and protection will differ based upon the number of drives in the volume. The New storage volume wizard includes a helpful tooltip with star ratings for performance and protection based upon the amount of disks in the volume.

RAID Mode Minimum Hard Drives
SimplyRAID 1 (no data protection) or 2 (with data protection)
RAID 0 2
RAID 1 1 (no data protection) or 2 (with data protection)
RAID 5 3
RAID 6 4

The factory default RAID for an enclosure purchased with five hard drives is SimplyRAID with single-disk protection.

Note on enclosures with one hard drive: You can create a SimplyRAID or a RAID 1 volume with a single drive in the enclosure. Single-disk volumes can be expanded by adding new disks to the enclosure and following the instructions at Hard Disk Expansion: Single-Disk and Unprotected Volumes. Data will remain intact on the volume during expansion. Additionally, expanding RAID 1 and SimplyRAID will provide protection against the loss of a single hard drive. However, there is NO DATA PROTECTION when the volume has only one hard drive.

Important info on NAS backup: It is recommended that all users back up data to DAS or another NAS as further protection against disk failure or secondary points of failure (e.g. hardware, network, etc.). See Backup Jobs for details.


Get help choosing your RAID

Understanding RAID and its many levels is critical when deciding how best to apportion the disks in your NAS. To help administrators configure their RAID volumes, LaCie NAS OS provides a handy star rating system with an intuitive storage capacity bar.

The last step of the New storage volume wizard provides:

  • A list of available RAID configurations that are compatible with the amount of disks in the volume
  • A tooltip that rates each level of RAID for the volume

Note: Step-by-step instructions on how to use the New storage volume wizard are available in New Storage Volume Wizard.


Available RAID configurations

The screenshots in this section represent levels of RAID available to an enclosure with:

  • Three 2TB disks
  • Two 1TB disks

All levels of RAID can be selected except for RAID 1, which is not compatible with volumes greater than three disks. Choose a RAID's radio button next to review its strengths and weaknesses in the center of the window. See the three examples below:

  • RAID 0

  • RAID 6

  • SimplyRAID Double security

As the screenshots above show, RAID 0 is the best choice for storage capacity but it has a major weakness, no data protection. Both RAID 6 and SimplyRAID Double security offer data protection even if two disks fail. However, SimplyRAID optimizes storage capacity far better than RAID 6, giving users more space to store files.


Tooltip comparison

There is an easy way to compare all levels of RAID in one table, the tooltip. Click on the i next to Select your choice.

A table will appear comparing all levels of rate via star ratings and the storage capacity bar.


5big NAS Pro: RAID options

Choose the level of RAID to learn how it works with your NAS.

LaCie SimplyRAID


JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks)










RAID 1+Spare(s), RAID 5+Spare(s), and RAID 6+Spare

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