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2big NAS: About RAID Modes

Refer to the table below for an overview of RAID modes available to the LaCie 2big NAS. Note that the levels of performance and protection will differ based upon the number of drives in the volume. The New storage volume wizard includes a helpful tooltip with star ratings for performance and protection.

RAID Mode Minimum Hard Drives Factory Default (full disk version only)
RAID 0 2
RAID 1 1 (no data protection)
RAID 1 2 (data protection) Yes

Note on enclosures with one hard drive: You can create a JBOD or RAID 1 volume with a single drive in the enclosure. However, there is NO DATA PROTECTION with RAID 1 since a second drive is not available. A JBOD volume with one or more hard drives does not offer data protection.

Important info on NAS backup: It is recommended that all users back up data to DAS or another NAS as further protection against disk failure or secondary points of failure (e.g. hardware, network, etc.) See Backup Jobs for details.


JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks)





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