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Connect to the Network

Connect your LaCie NAS to a network.

Enclosure without disks: If you purchased an enclosure that did not include disks, go to Connect to the Network: Diskless LaCie 2big NAS or Connect to the Network: Diskless LaCie 5big NAS Pro for instructions on how to connect to your device to the network.

Step 1: Connect the Ethernet cable and power supply


Step 2: Power on the LaCie NAS


Step 3: Access the LaCie NAS Dashboard

Next steps

  • Simplify NAS access: LaCie recommends that you install the software utility LaCie Network Assistant before moving forward with the device configuration. LaCie Network Assistant gives you instant information on your LaCie NAS, such as firmware version, IP address, and hardware address. It will also provide quick access to shares (volumes) and the Dashboard. See LaCie Network Assistant for instructions.
  • Configure your NAS: For details on how to configure and use your LaCie NAS, go to Shares: Access and Transfer Files and NAS OS Administration.
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