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New Storage Volume Wizard

Build one or more volumes using the New storage volume wizard. You can select:

  • Quick setup: Skip multiple configuration steps with LaCie SimplyRAID, LaCie's smart RAID configuration agent. SimplyRAID will review the amount of disks in the enclosure and the total storage to optimize data capacity and protect your data. To provide the most disk space for your data, Quick setup configures a SimplyRAID volume with single-disk security. Use Custom for SimplyRAID with double-disk security.
  • Custom: Configure a volume using LaCie SimplyRAID or standard RAID models. Custom offers a wide range of RAID configurations:
    • SimplyRAID with double-disk security (minimum of four disks)
    • JBOD
    • RAID 0 (two disks minimum)
    • RAID 1 (two disks minimum for data protection)
    • RAID 1+Spare (three disks minimum). Additional steps required to add the spare.
    • RAID 5 (three disks minimum)
    • RAID 5+Spare (four disks minimum) Additional steps required to add the spare.
    • RAID 6 (four disks minimum)
    • RAID 6+Spare (five disks minimum). Additional steps required to add the spare.


SimplyRAID and spare disks: Since LaCie SimplyRAID optimizes storage capacity using all disks in a volume, it is not possible to add a spare disk to a SimplyRAID volume.

Important note on SimplyRAID with double-disk security:

  • You must use Custom to configure five disks as SimplyRAID with double-disk security.
  • The New storage volume wizard does not offer a migration path from SimplyRAID single-disk security to SimplyRAID double-disk security.

Important info on creating a single-disk volume: Single-disk volumes can be created with expansion in mind. For example, you can launch the New storage volume wizard to create a single-disk volume using SimplyRAID, JBOD, or RAID 1. Though the volume will not provide data protection in a single-disk configuration, it is prepared for expansion when you add one or more disks to the enclosure. If you intend to expand the volume to four or more disks, it is recommended that you create the volume using SimplyRAID since RAID 1 cannot reach beyond three disks.

Important info: Backing up data stored on your LaCie NAS to desktop storage and/or another NAS will help keep critical files safe from hard drive or hardware failure. This is especially true for volumes that are not configured for RAID protection. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you perform frequent backups. See Backup Jobs for detailed instructions on how to back up your LaCie NAS.


New storage volume wizard steps

The default names for newly created volumes are Volume 1, Volume 2, etc. For instructions on how to change the name of the volume, see Volume Tools.

Quick setup






Single-disk volume


Multiple Volumes


Synchronizing Times

Synchronizing a volume can take five minutes to many hours, depending on the level of RAID, the capacity of the hard disks in the volume, and your LaCie NAS's available resources (concurrent tasks such as backups or torrent downloads will slow synchronizing). For example, creating an unprotected RAID volume takes less than five minutes while RAID 6 with large capacity disks can run for one or more days. Note that you can access the volume while it is synchronizing.

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