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System LEDs

The LaCie 5big Thunderbolt 2 LEDs provide information on the system status. Review the illustrations below for the LED locations on the chassis.


  1. Status



  1. Hard drive status LEDs


LED behavior

General LED behavior

The list of colors below will help you identify the general status of your LaCie 5big:

Color State
Solid blue Ready
Slow blinking blue Idle mode
Fast blinking blue Startup and shutdown
Blinking red and blue RAID synchronization
Blinking red Warning
Solid red Error


Status and disk LEDs

The status and disk LEDs work together to provide up-to-date details on your LaCie 5big’s health.

Status LED Behavior Disk LEDs Behavior State
Fast blinking blue Blinking blue Startup and shutdown
Slow blinking blue Off Disks have spun down and the Thunderbolt 2 ports are in idle mode, allowing for daisy chain
Solid blue Solid blue The DAS is ready.
Solid blue Blinking blue for working disks The hard drives are being accessed (read/write).
Blinking blue/red Blinking blue/red RAID synchronizing
Blinking red Solid red for non-functional disks RAID is degraded. Data remains intact but the array is no longer protected should another disk fail.
Blinking red Blinking red on a disk Disk warning. A hard drive may be experiencing errors or, it is about to fail.
Solid red Solid red for a non-functional or failed disk One or more disks have failed and the RAID is broken. Data is lost.
Blinking red Blue Temperature alert; a power supply is failing
Solid red Blue Temperature is critical.
Solid red Solid or blinking blue The fan is not spinning.
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