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What Happens During a CloudBox Online Backup?

Question Answer
How does an Online Backup begin? Files stored on the CloudBox are indexed and prepared for upload to your Online Backup account.
Why does it seem to take more time than I expected? Indexing and uploading may take a good amount of time depending on the data stored on the CloudBox. Backups can run from hours to days. The time to complete an Online Backup is contingent upon many factors, including:
* The amount of data stored on the CloudBox. This includes the size and quantity of files to backup.
* Available bandwidth.
* Speed of your Internet connection.
Can I work on files stored on the CloudBox during a backup? Yes. However, the changes will not be stored to your Online Backup immediately. The changes will be backed up online with the next Online Backup.
What will happen to my Online Backup if my CloudBox is shut down or loses power? The CloudBox should restart automatically once power is restored. If needed, you may restart the device manually. Due to the interruption, the Online Backup will be noted as Failed due to the loss of power or being shut off. However, your Online Backup account will keep the data that was uploaded to the point that the CloudBox lost power or was shut off (also called a restore point). Once powered back on, the next Online Backup will begin as scheduled. You may also initiate a manual Online Backup.
What is a restore point? It is a snapshot of your data at a given time, such as the backup start date and time.
Is my data encrypted? Yes. All data is encrypted using 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) before it is uploaded to your Online Backup.
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