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There are two easy ways to restore your data:

  1. Selective Restore: Browse your online backup history to restore individual files. This option allows for greater control in choosing only the files that you need. You can log onto your online account via the CloudBox Online Restore application to browse the last 10 complete backups for specific files.
  2. Full Restore: Restore the entirety of your data and settings to the CloudBox via the Dashboard or the CloudBox Online Application. This option is recommended when:
  • Your CloudBox is replaced due to loss, theft or technical problems
  • Data and settings are lost or corrupt on your CloudBox.

The CloudBox Online Restore Application

The CloudBox Online Restore application has an intuitive interface to:

  • Browse files backed up online.
  • View files from the last 10 Backup Points, or successful online backups.
  • Restore individual files to your computer desktop
  • Restore the entirety of one of your last 10 backups to the CloudBox.

Download the CloudBox Online Restore application at from any computer with an Internet connection. The CloudBox Online Restore application is compatible with Windows or Mac. Once it is available on your computer:

  1. Launch the application
  2. Enter your Contract ID, Username, and Password. Click Login.

  3. Choose between Browse for a Selective Restore or Full Restore. See the details below for each type of restore.

Selective Restore

To begin a Selective Restore, launch the CloudBox Online Restore application to select Browse. You will be directed to your online backup account.

  1. Select one or more files and click Restore at the top of the application window. You can download the files directly to your computer.
  2. Browse files from your last 10 successful Backup Points.
  3. Once the files are selected, click Restore from the menu bar.
  4. A window will prompt you to choose a destination. Select a target folder for the files and click the RESTORE button.


Important info: The Dashboard Home page has Selective restore on PC to link you directly to Once at the site, you can download the CloudBox Online Restore application to your computer. If you have already downloaded the application, you can launch it to view and restore data.


Full Restore

If you wish to restore a small portion of your data from an online backup, a Selective Restore offers more flexibility to choose specific files than a Full Restore. However, if you have to replace your CloudBox due to theft or technical problems or your data is corrupt or lost, a Full Restore can restore one of your last 10 backups directly to the device. You will also recover your Dashboard settings, which is helpful if a user has been accidentally deleted (Dashboard only).

A Full Restore is available:

  • On the Dashboard Home page - Run a Full Restore via the Dashboard if you wish to restore the last successful backup point to your CloudBox.
  • From the CloudBox Online Restore application - Run a Full Restore via the CloudBox Online Restore application if you wish to select a restore from the last 10 successful backup points or your CloudBox is unavailable. The CloudBox Online Restore application allows you to select your computer hard drive or external storage as the destination for the Full Restore.
  • When running the Setup Wizard after the CloudBox has been restored to factory settings or on a replacement unit. Please note that this will restore the last successful backup point. See The CloudBox Setup Wizard - Existing Contract for further information.

Important info: All data stored on the CloudBox will be deleted in favor of the Full Restore. Please copy files from the CloudBox that you wish to preserve before starting a Full Restore.

Important info: Please note that Dashboard administration and data on the CloudBox are not accessible during a Full Restore. However, you may browse files via the CloudBox Online Restore application

Important info: Settings that have been changed in the Dashboard can be lost with a Full Restore. For example: The CloudBox administrator created user “A” following the last successful backup. Eight hours later, the administrator decides to perform a Full Restore due to a large group of corrupt files. In order to avoid corrupting the next online backup, the administrator had to initiate the Full Restore. While the files are no longer corrupt on the CloudBox following the Full Restore, user “A” has been deleted since the setting was not saved online.

Technical note: Please be patient during the Full Restore. The time to complete the restore may take many hours or several days depending upon the size of the backup, the bandwidth of your Internet connection, and the amount of network activity.


Full Restore - Dashboard

Choosing a Full Restore from the Dashboard will automatically restore the last successful backup. If you wish to select an earlier backup point, please see the instructions for a Full Restore using the CloudBox Online Restore application.

  1. Go to the CloudBox Dashboard.
  2. Choose the Home page.
  3. Click on Full restore on Box.
  4. Read the warning prompt. If you wish to continue with the Full Restore, click YES.
  5. The entirety of the last complete online backup will be restored to the CloudBox. The Dashboard settings from the same backup will also be restored.

Full Restore - CloudBox Online Restore Application

To begin a Full Restore, launch the CloudBox Online Restore application to select Full Restore.

  1. A prompt will ask you to choose a destination for the Full Restore and a Backup point.
  2. You may choose another destination such as your internal hard drive or external storage.
  3. Choose the Backup Point that you wish to use for the Full Restore then click the RESTORE button.
  4. The entirety of the selected backup will be restored to the target location.
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