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Unmounting Your Drive

Thunderbolt technology devices are plug and play, allowing you to connect and disconnect them while the computer is running. To prevent potential disk problems, it is important to properly eject the Thunderbolt storage volume(s).

  1. Drag the Thunderbolt storage volume(s) to the Trash. The Trash will turn into an Eject arrow. (The volume icon pictured is a generic Mac device icon. Your drives may be represented by different icons.)

  2. When the volume icon disappears from the desktop, the Thunderbolt Series enclosure can be disconnected from the computer or you can press the LED to conserve energy.

LED button: The Thunderbolt enclosure will power down the disks when the front LED button is pushed. Please note that Thunderbolt devices daisy-chained to the enclosure will continue to work. See Receiving Power/LED Power Button.

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