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Restore a Local Backup

Restore and Remote Backups: Remote backups cannot be restored using the Backup & Restore Wizard. You can retrieve backup files directly from the backup storage.

  1. Go to Dashboard > Backup.
  2. Choose Add backup.

  3. Select Restore and choose Next.

  4. Select a restore type, either from an existing backup job, or from a backup folder. Choose Next.

    • Backup job: select the backup job from the pull-down menu, then choose Next.
    • Backup folder: browse for the source folder that hosts your backup. Select the backup directory and choose Next.
  5. Review the summary of the restore then choose Next.

  6. Select the last backup or choose an earlier restore point. A restore point is the date for a backup. You can select an earlier restore point from the calendar and the time from the drop-down menu. Choose Next.

  7. Choose where to restore the backup.

    • Restore to the initial location of the data, which will save the data on the source folder. By default, the box Remove all files on the bottom of the window is checked. By keeping this box checked, all changes since the date of the backup will be lost. You can deselect the box to keep all data.
    • If you want to restore the backup to a specific folder, select Browse to choose another destination. You can create a folder in the new location. Choose Apply.
    • To free disk space, you can check the box to erase all data in the destination directory.
  8. Name the restore job, then choose Next.

  9. Review the summary for the restore job then choose Finish to add the job.


The Restore job has been added to the list of backup jobs.

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