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Connect to the Network: Diskless LaCie 5big NAS Pro

Users who purchased a LaCie 5big NAS Pro enclosure without hard disks should follow the instructions below.

Enclosure with hard disks: If you purchased an enclosure with hard disks, see Connect to the Network for instructions on how to connect to your network.

Choose compatible hard drives

Review the following before adding hard drives to your LaCie 5big NAS Pro:

  • When adding new hard drives to the enclosure, consider LaCie 5big Hard Drives. LaCie hard drives are specially prepared and optimized for use with LaCie NAS.
  • LaCie NAS are compatible with most SATA II and SATA III hard drives. Go to Network Hard Drives for a list of hard drives tested with the 5big NAS Pro. If you have any issues with hard drive compatibility and LaCie products, please contact our tech support.


Installation steps

Step 1: Update the LaCie USB key


Step 2: Connect the Ethernet cable, power cable, and LaCie key


Step 3: Remove the sticker and power on the 5big NAS Pro


Step 4: Install hard drives into the enclosure


Step 5: Install LaCie NAS OS


Next steps

  • Simplify NAS access: LaCie recommends that you install the software utility LaCie Network Assistant before moving forward with the device configuration. LaCie Network Assistant gives you instant information on your LaCie NAS, such as firmware version, IP address, and hardware address. It will also provide quick access to shares (volumes) and the Dashboard. See LaCie Network Assistant for instructions.
  • Configure your NAS: For details on how to configure and use your LaCie NAS, go to Shares: Access and Transfer Files and NAS OS Administration.
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