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Getting Help

If you are having issues with your product, first consult the troubleshooting topics below. If the problem persists, refer to Warranty Information to understand your warranty rights and responsibilities.

Note: LaCie is dedicated to providing high quality products that enrich the lives of our customers. To help LaCie offer the best customer support, we encourage you to create an account and register your product at logout&rtn=mystuff. You can give us important feedback as well as receive updated information on your LaCie device.

Troubleshooting Topics

The 4big Rack Office won't turn on.

Q: Can you confirm that the 4big Rack Office is receiving power?

Q: Have you connected a USB storage device?

Q: Has one of the drives storing the operating system failed?

Q: Does the motherboard battery need to be replaced?

Q: Is my power supply unit malfunctioning?

The 4big Rack Office turns off when I connect a USB device.

Q: Have you connected more than three bus-powered USB devices or is one of your devices drawing an inordinate amount of power?

Q: Did the product turn off as soon as the USB device and the 4big's USB port came into contact?

The 4big Rack Office is unresponsive.

Q: Have you tried to restart the system manually?

The 4big Rack Office is overheating.

Q: Is the ambient temperature too high? Is the air output blocked? Are one or several of the fans malfunctioning?

The 4big Rack Office encounters frequent system failures.

Q: Have you set up a backup of your server onto a direct-attached storage (DAS) device?

My backup is taking a long time.

Q: Is this the first backup?

I'm receiving a security certificate error in my browser when I access the web admin.

Q: Are you accessing web admin from a computer where Windows Connector is not installed?

Where can I check my software version and how can I proceed for updates?

A. Navigate to Help > About. If your unit is connected to the Internet, you will receive a notification with a corresponding web link in the dashboard alert bar. Please refer to the appropriate Technical Brief.

Why do I receive the message “Can only partially assess the heath of this computer”?

Q: Have you installed the latest Windows updates on your computer?

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