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Powering on the Product

Caution: Do not operate the product until the ambient temperature is within the specified operating range. If the drives have been recently installed make sure they have had time to acclimatize before operating them.

  1. Before powering on the product, make sure that all the modules are firmly seated in their bays. Note that all drive slots must be filled in order for the product to receive sufficient cooling.
  2. Connect the power supply to a powered outlet and to the product.
  3. Press the product's on/off button.
  4. The Power LED on the front panel will turn blue when the product's power button is pressed (and the disk drives should spin).

Powering Off the Product

  1. Shut down any applications that are running on the server.
  2. Use the client dashboard or the server operating system to turn the server off.
  3. The power LED will turn off once the system has shut down.

Note: When the the product is operating, a short push of the on/off button will start the normal shutdown process of the operating system. A long push (more than four seconds), will force shutdown. This is not recommended as it may result in data loss.

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