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The 4big Rack Office is preinstalled with 64-bit Windows Server OS. Via the OS, it is possible to create MBR (2TB max.) or GPT (256TB max.) partitions. To configure and use your storage, LaCie recommends using the dedicated dashboard application. Remote desktop connection is available for advanced users only, but keep in mind that some actions may interfere with dashboard behavior.

Important Note on Shared Folders: Following the DVD setup, LaCie highly recommends that you review and follow the instructions for moving default Shared Folders from the Windows system partition to a data partition with greater capacity. See folders for more information.

For help with other software-related tasks, please refer to the following technical briefs:

Technical Brief Description
Getting Started An introduction to the operating system, including how to perform elementary tasks.
RAID Information on default RAID configuration, as well as how to build and rebuild a RAID array on a Windows-based LaCie professional server.
Shared Folders How to create SMB or NFS Shared Folders on your Windows-based LaCie professional server so that users and groups on the network may access data.
Backup How to configure your Windows-based LaCie professional server to back up (and restore files from) workstations on your network.
Wuala Integration Getting started with Wuala, LaCie's Secure Cloud Storage, to sync, back up, and collaborate.
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