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5.a Log On to the Dashboard

First Logon - Administrator

The first person to log on to the Dashboard is the administrator of the CloudBox. When logging in, use one of the computers on the same network as your LaCie CloudBox.

  1. Launch an internet browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.).
  2. Type the name of the LaCie CloudBox in the browser's web address (URL) field. Use the default name, LaCie-CloudBox, the first time you log in. Please note that the name can be different based upon your operating system.
    For example: http://[machine name] (Windows XP) or http://[machine name].local (Windows Vista/7/8 and Mac).

    Windows XP

    Windows 7
  3. You will be prompted to complete the LaCie CloudBox Welcome page:
    • You may keep the default name of the LaCie CloudBox, LaCie-CloudBox, or enter a new name. The name is: limited to 15 characters; case-sensitive; and must include alphanumeric characters without spaces or symbols.
    • You may keep the default administrator login name, admin, or enter a new one that includes 1-20 alphanumeric characters.
    • Choose a password from 4-20 alphanumeric characters and symbols. In subsequent logins, simply type in the login name and password you selected here. Click FINISH.
  4. The Dashboard is available.

Administrator and users: See Review the User Dashboard Settings for a table of access rights available to the administrator and users.

Standard Logon

Following the completion of the Dashboard Welcome page, you will see a standard logon page each time you access the Dashboard. The logon page prompts you for the administrator Login and Password.

Note: Any CloudBox user can log in to the Dashboard but only the administrator has the right to revise the device settings.

Login Tip: If you know the IP address for the LaCie CloudBox, you may enter it into the browser address field instead of the name. For example, http://[IP-address].

Log on to the Dashboard - More than one LaCie CloudBox

If you purchased more than one LaCie CloudBox, the default login names to type into the browser address bar will change:

  • Two LaCie CloudBox: LaCie-CloudBox and LaCie-CloudB-1
  • Three LaCie CloudBox: LaCie-CloudBox, LaCie-CloudB-1, and LaCie-CloudB-2
  • Four LaCie CloudBox: LaCie-CloudBox, LaCie-CloudB-1, LaCie-CloudB-2, and LaCie-CloudB-3

When typing the names in the internet address bar:

  • http://lacie-cloudb-1 (Windows XP) or http://lacie-cloudb-1.local (Windows Vista/7/8 and Mac).
  • http://lacie-cloudb-2 (Windows XP) or http://lacie-cloudb-2.local (Windows Vista/7/8 and Mac).
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