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5.j Review the Dashboard Support Settings

Go to the Support page to update your CloudBox firmware or download System logs when working with LaCie Customer Support.


  • Firmware Version: Your CloudBox runs on the LaCie NAS Operating System (LaCie NAS OS). The version of LaCie NAS OS is listed here.
  • System log: Click the Download button to save the system log to your computer.
  • Email notification: By default, the checkbox is selected. Note that an SMTP server must be defined on the Network page and the administrator must have added an email address on the Users page.


Email Notification Triggers

The following events will trigger a notification if an email address has been provided in the User page:

Event Identifier Description
Capacity When the total available capacity is less than 90%
Download When a download has completed or when a download error has occurred
Backup When a backup begins, ends, is cancelled, or fails
Temperature The product has remained at maximum temperature for at least one minute


By default, your LaCie CloudBox will search for updates to its operating system on a weekly basis. If an update is found, the system will install it for you. See Update the CloudBox Software for details on adjusting the update settings.


The Logs section will list important events, such as warnings. To purge the text from the list, click the Trash icon.

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