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7.e Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the list of questions below. An updated list of may be found at LaCie CloudBox Support.

Troubleshooting Topics

Note: Interactive troubleshooting, a highly effective way to resolve problems with your product, is available from Select your product, then click the “Troubleshooting” tab.

Troubleshooting the Network Connection

No folders appear on the network.

Q: Does your computer's configuration meet the minimum system requirements?

Q: Is the device's power supply connected and is the front blue LED on?

Q: Is the blue LED on the front of the device flickering for an inordinate period of time?

Q: Did you follow the correct installation steps?

Q: Are both ends of the Ethernet cable firmly connected?

Q: IP address problem?

Q: Does your network require devices to be assigned a static IP address?

A user does not have access to the Dashboard or his personal folder.

Q: Has the administrator created an account for the user in the Dashboard?

I've noticed a delay in accessing the folders.

Q: Are you and/or other users transferring multiple files simultaneously? Are you using the Dashboard download feature?

Troubleshooting the Multimedia Server

I cannot see the media files stored on the LaCie CloudBox on my DLNA/UPnP AV media player or adapter.

Q: Are the media files stored on the Family folder? Is the multimedia service active?

Windows Media Player

Q: I can’t configure Windows Media Player to find media files on the LaCie CloudBox.

Q: Certain files aren’t recognized by Windows Media Player.


Q: Some files appear in my iTunes shared playlist, but some do not.

Q: I’ve activated the LaCie CloudBox's multimedia service, but I don’t see its machine name in iTunes.

Q: Why aren’t files stored on the network storage appearing in iTunes?

UPnP/DLNA Compatible Game Consoles and Set Top Boxes

Q: Some files stored on the LaCie CloudBox appear on my UPnP/DLNA compatible device, but others do not.

A hard disk is making clicking noises.

Q: Is the sound a "soft clicking" or "hard clicking"?

The LaCie CloudBox IP address and your router's public IP address.

Q: How can I find the IP address of my LaCie CloudBox?

Q: How can I find the public IP address for advanced features such as offsite backups and remote FTP access?

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