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Backup: LaCie NAS and PC/Mac

Back up your LaCie NAS

See Backup for a complete explanation on how to automate backups of data stored on your LaCie NAS. You can back up your data to:

  • Direct-attached storage (DAS)
  • Another LaCie NAS or rsync-compatible server on your local network
  • Another LaCie NAS or rsync-compatible server on a remote/offsite network

Important info on NAS backup: It is recommended that all users back up data to DAS or another NAS as further protection against disk failure or secondary points of failure (e.g. hardware, network, etc.) See Backup Jobs for details.

Back up your computer(s)

Your LaCie NAS is fully compatible with popular backup solutions such as:

  • Windows Backup and Restore® and Genie Timeline® (Windows)
  • Time Machine® and Intego Backup (Mac)

Professional versions of Genie Timeline and Intego Backup are available on the included Utilities CD-ROM with software.


A share on your LaCie NAS can be set as a backup target for these and other backup software. Make certain that the user has access to the target share meant for his computer. Additionally, deleting a share that is used as a backup target will delete all associated computer backups.

Note on Time Machine: Time Machine must be enabled on your LaCie NAS before it can be used as backup software. Go to Dashboard > General Settings > Application Services to review the Time Machine service. See General Settings for details on services.

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