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4.a USERS: Add Users and Private Access

For instant sharing, all files within the LaCie CloudBox Family folder are accessible to everyone in the home. To gain a bit of privacy, you can also create personal folders by adding users to the LaCie CloudBox.

Public Access Folders and Private Access Folders

The LaCie CloudBox allows everyone in the home to view files stored on the Family folder at any time. Additionally, all computers within the household can copy files to or from the Family folder. This type of unrestricted use of a shared folder is called Public Access.

To provide a special space that is reserved for a specific person, the LaCie CloudBox includes the option to create personal folders. A personal folder is protected by a unique Name and Password that must be entered each time the folder is used. This type of restricted use of a folder is called Private Access.

CloudBox at Home: Private Access folders are ideal for keeping financial documents, movies with mature content, and other types of sensitive material away from young children. They can also offer a bit of privacy to adults and teenagers who would prefer to keep work documents, journals, or diaries in their own special location.

Personal Folders and the CloudBox Administrator

Personal folders are added to the LaCie CloudBox using the Dashboard administration tool. The Dashboard is an intuitive, web-based tool with all the settings for your LaCie CloudBox. The first member of the household to log on to the CloudBox Dashboard becomes the administrator. An administrator:

See 4.b USERS: Create a personal folder - First Personal Folder to begin adding users to your LaCie CloudBox.

Helpful Tip: Due to the high level of security on your LaCie CloudBox, the Name and Password created by the administrator cannot be recovered. Please consider noting your logon information and keeping it in a safe place.

Private Access Folders

Your LaCie CloudBox can have up to 10 personal folders with private access, including the administrator. In addition to providing private access, personal folders enable remote access to the CloudBox outside the home.

Only the administrator has the right to add users to the LaCie CloudBox.

Private Access Inside and Outside the Home

Administrator Home User Family and Friends Outside the Home
First home user to log onto the LaCie CloudBox Dashboard.

Access to files in his personal folder and the Family folder inside and outside the home.
Receives a personal folder with a password from the administrator.

Access to files in his personal folder and the Family folder inside and outside the home.
Receives an email with a link and password from the administrator.

Access to files in the folder(s) provided by the administrator.
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