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4.s OFFSITE BACKUPS: Ultimate Data Security

Backing up data from your home computers to the CloudBox is an important first step in protecting your critical files. Should a computer experience hard drive or electronic failure, you know that your data is safe. Yet, there are circumstances that are beyond anyone's control, including:

  • Fire
  • Natural disasters
  • Flood
  • Theft
  • Technical flaws
  • Software malware

Therefore, a strategy for backing up data has been promoted as close to foolproof in keeping data safe: the rule of three. The same data should be stored on three separate devices:

  1. A computer for immediate access and use.
  2. An external hard drive such as the LaCie CloudBox for easy access to a backup.
  3. Offsite (see below).

Offsite Backup - Cloud

Back up data to your preferred cloud storage provider.

Offsite Backup - Second CloudBox Outside the Home

Your LaCie CloudBox at home can perform daily, weekly, or monthly backups directly to a second LaCie CloudBox at a separate location (e.g. a relative or friend's home). In a worst case scenario, such as theft or serious damage, your data would be secure at the second location.

Please note that setting up an offsite backup is considered an advanced feature since it requires an understanding of networking, routers, and hardware. However, the minor challenges are worth the effort for the peace of mind you receive knowing that your data is close to 100% safe. A detailed explanation on how to configure a remote offsite backup using the Dashboard administration tool is available at Create a Backup Job.

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