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4.n MUSIC: Playback Music stored on your LaCie CloudBox

Keep your music libraries on your LaCie CloudBox for easy playback on Windows Media Player (Windows only) and iTunes®

Windows Media Player

PCs connected to the same network as your LaCie CloudBox can playback compatible media files using Windows Media Player. For detailed information on how to enjoy music, movies, and photos on a shared volume such as the CloudBox Family folder, please go to Microsoft's dedicated support page:

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player on your PC

  1. Go to Start > All Programs/Programs > Windows Media Player
  2. On the left side of the Windows Media Player window, look for Other Libraries > LaCie-CloudBox. Click on LaCie-CloudBox.

  3. Navigate to the file you wish to play.



Keeping your iTunes library on the LaCie CloudBox will:

  • Mac/PC: Enable access to music and playlists on any home computer. The library will appear under SHARED in iTunes.
  • iOS Devices: Enable access to music and playlists. The library will appear under SHARED in Music.
  • Android Devices: Enable access to music with apps that support iTunes.

Apple provides detailed instructions on how to move an iTunes library onto network storage such as your LaCie CloudBox. Please see the links below before copying your iTunes library to the LaCie CloudBox.

Share your iTunes library: Understanding Home Sharing

Centralize your iTunes Library: How to move your music

Mobile Devices

At Home

You have easy access to music stored on the LaCie CloudBox using the Twonky Mobile app. For more information on how to access music with the Twonky Mobile app, go to Mobile - Access at Home. In addition to Twonky Mobile and the native music apps on your iOS and Android devices, there are many free and paid apps available for download. Please see the documentation for your preferred app.

Outside the Home

Apps such as LaCie MyNAS, Emit, Plex, etc. provide access to shared music libraries and your iTunes library on the go. See Access LaCie CloudBox Files On Your Mobile Device for further information.

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