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4.p ECO MODE: Conserve energy

Your LaCie CloudBox can conserve energy by up to 75% when it is not being used. Eco Mode offers savings on household energy consumption and it may extend the life of the CloudBox hardware.

Types of Eco Mode

The LaCie CloudBox has two types of Eco Mode:

  • Auto Sleep Mode
  • Deep Sleep Mode


Auto Sleep Mode Deep Sleep Mode
What is it? A decrease in power usage following a period of inactivity. Conservation of power for a scheduled period of time.
When does it start? By default, Auto Sleep Mode will begin after five consecutive minutes of inactivity. You can adjust the period of inactivity using the advanced management tool. Deep sleep mode must be enabled in the advanced management tool. You can schedule fixed hours for the device to enter deep sleep mode.
How much energy is saved? Up to 50% Up to 75%
Does the front light (LED) stay On or Off? On Off
How does it exit Eco Mode? Access CloudBox files from any computer to exit Auto Sleep Mode. Automatic: It will become active at the scheduled time.
Manual: Push the On/Off button for 3 seconds (back of the LaCie CloudBox). It may take a minute or more for the device to appear.

For further information on Eco Mode, please see Conserve Energy with Dashboard Eco Management.

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