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Download Machine

The LaCie NAS Dashboard features a download server that allows you to download files from the internet or the local disk (e.g. PDF, torrent, binary, etc). For more information on torrents, see


Create a Download

  1. If the download service has not been turned on, choose the Start button.
  2. To initiate a download, choose the Add download button.

  3. At the prompt, choose whether the file source can be found at a URL (web address) or if it is a Local File.
    • URL: Type or paste the web address.

      Download: URL radio button

      Paste the URL address

    • Local File: Select Browse to search for the file.

      Download: Local File radio button

  4. Select the Destination share by clicking on the configuration icon (pencil).
  5. To better organize your downloads, you can choose Create folder at the prompt to add a folder to the share.

    Create a folder to organize your downloads

    Name the folder for your downloads

  6. Choose Apply to begin the download.


Download Page Settings

Below the list of downloads are several settings.

  • TCP Listening port: Choose the configuration icon (pencil) to enter a router port number through which the download service will operate.
  • Download rate limit (down arrow): Choose the configuration icon (pencil) to type a maximum download speed.
  • Upload limit rate (up arrow): Choose the configuration icon (pencil) to type a maximum upload speed.
  • Max. active downloads (two down arrows): Choose the configuration icon (pencil) to limit the number of downloads that can download/upload simultaneously. Type zero for no limit.

Technical note: Multiple simultaneous downloads can impact your LaCie NAS's performance. In some instances, even after a download has completed, the download service may continue to use system resources if it is uploading.

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