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  • Firmware: The LaCie NAS's operating system version will be listed here. This information is important when updating the NAS operating system or if you need to speak with LaCie technical support.
  • Email notifications:
    • Choose the Edit button to configure email notifications. Important: Make certain to enter the SMTP address for your email server. The LaCie NAS cannot send notifications without an email server. You may use an in-house SMTP server or third-party providers such as gmail, hotmail, etc.
    • If verification is necessary, check the box next to Authentication required to enter the valid email address and password. (See Email Notifications Triggers below for events that will generate emails.)

      Email server prompt

      Test email from the NAS

  • System log: Choose the Download button to save the system log to your computer.

Email notification triggers

The following events will trigger an email notification if an email address has been provided on the User page:

Event identifier Description Recipient
Capacity The total available capacity is less than 10% Administrator
Download A download job has completed or a download job error has occurred Administrator
Backup A backup job has: started, ended, been cancelled, or failed Administrator
Test email Email sent as a test on the Support page Administrator
RAID Creation of a RAID volume; unprotected volume or broken RAID Administrator
Fan The fan has stopped (5big NAS Pro only) Administrator
Temperature The product has remained at maximum temperature for at least one minute Administrator
Password recovery A user has recovered his/her password Administrator or user, depending on who made the request


Automatic update

LaCie may improve your LaCie NAS's software or add new features over time. Your LaCie NAS automatically checks for new firmware and, if an update is found, prompts you to install it at login.

Review the additional options below:

Update Using the Dashboard


Update Using LaCie Network Assistant (LaCie 2big NAS only)

Important info: During the update process, the front LED will blink red and blue.


The Logs section will list important events, such as RAID changes, downloads, warnings, and much more.

To purge the listings from this list, choose the trash icon.

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